Solution focused and brief therapy & Life coaching

Welcome. If you are wondering whether hypnosis is for you, the following description may be helpful: hypnosis helps to alleviate physical and mental pain, as well as support us in the realisation of our objectives if we have experienced difficulties. It can also help us realise the dreams we wish to make manifest in our lives.

Therapeutic hypnosis evolved over time and has nothing to do with losing control of oneself and being programmed by an external person. Hypnosis is practiced with great respect for the personal freedom of the client and takes place in a climate of openness and curiosity. Contrary to expectations, when we are in a state of trance we do not lose control of ourselves: we master our consciousness, our spirit and our bodies in a different way. I work with the philosophy of Dr Milton Erickson (doctor and psychiatrist). I work with people to explore together the ways in which they can liberate themselves from the obstacles that are in their way and to find ways to help them reconnect to their own resources, feel more relaxed and confident in themselves and in their future. When we are trapped in life, we become incapable of knowing what to do to live more comfortably, since the solutions that we are capable of imagining are few and very imperfect.

shapeimage_12Hypnotic trance can be qualified as ‘generative’, because it brings relaxation and curiosity, a secure space and an absence of judgement which permits us to imagine new possibilities, new perspectives and ways of feeling which we could hardly even dream of in a state of stress or hopelessness. It is never too late for us to create a happy life for ourselves. I welcome people facing a great variety of challenges in their lives and offer hypnosis with a human presence. Rather than just combating the symptoms, the wellbeing of the whole individual is at the heart of my practice.

If you are inspired by hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), I invite you to take a look at my offers in the designated section of this website. I would be very happy to meet you one day.